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IPL 2012 – Live !

Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals at Wankhede StadiumThe Day Wednesday – 11th April 2012.
The Match Mumbai Indians Vs Rajastha Royals.

Every year, Every IPL there has been atleast one match that has been watched live from the stadium. This year was no different. Only getting tickets had become a major headache. It all started with a WhatsApp chat with Ex-Office colleagues with whom I always wanted to watch the match live, but somehow we couldnt manage while we were together. So we decided to watch on the mention date live.

This was only the second home match and the 30,000+ capacity stadium was Housefull already. The first round at Wankhede was in vain as the exec at box-office said sorry mam no tickets available. The people selling tickets in black were hovering around and had tickets for anymatch.. but for a price. So the 600 tickets were being sold in black for about 1100.. I said no.. lemme try a hand at online booking , as sometimes the tickets get cancelled or things like that. To my luck on the second refresh attempt i saw 5 tickets avaiable of North Stand of the 1250 category.. Phir kya tha.. with the click of the button, the date was all set , to see the Master (Sachin) and team sweat it out in the middle of the field with a cracker of a contest. But luckk… Sachins finger was hurt in the previous match and he wasnt playing. No worries .. we were there to cheer aamchi Mumbai Indians team.

So came the day,, dressed in all blue.. with Mumbai Indian Flag, Band and the Devils Horns.. all out to reach the venue. Had taken a half day.. Enroute to the stadium met 3 tweeps Megha , Purvi and my School friend Zubin. Just could manage to say a few word and had to leave as our entry gates were all different.

As usual my friends travelling from distant places were late… Missed the Toss ! Two of us went in after passing line of security checks and the rest 3 were to follow.. after not allowed bags with them, they got all more late.. finally put the bags in a friends car and all 5 of us all set Mumbai Indians Play.

MI started of slowly loosing 2 quick wickets , untill Rayadu and Pollard got us going. Buoyy its always been a treat to watch this guy called Pollard play.. smashing 4 and 6 all across the ground. Then again 2 quick wickets fell, and Bhajji made it the most of the last over, hitting 2 sixes in 2 balls and scoring qucik abt 20 runs from 6 balls… It was the most decent score till that match a huge 197.. for RR to chase. Must tell music was awesome with Kolaveri, Pungi, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Tu Mera Hero and Mumbai Indians Duniya Hila denge anthem played.. and not to forget the IPL hooter.. Pe Pa Pe Pa Pe Pe (You know what I am talking abt, if no, then aap IPL dekhne ke layak nahi) and not to forget the Dhol ppl.. playing awesome Nashik Dhol music.

The break was spend in eating, posing for pictures, clicking some and some videos and nautanki. The RR chase began in like 10mins.. thats what i love about T20.. things happening ekdum fatafat fatafat.

10pm deadline.. Music Bandh.. Not that fun watching it without Music..Now RR had the highest run scorer this IPL , orange capped Ajinkya Rahane coming in to open with skipper Jammy. Amongst 5 it was 4 MI vs 1 RR loyal. If they had Rahane we had Malingaaaaa and Patel, who removed Dravid quickly.. and very next ball the 3rd player and was on a hattrick.. but cudnt get one :p Owais Shah the English player settled with Rahane .. and were going at a good pace, thats when Bhajji bought in Malinga and buoyy he stuck on the very first ball of his 2nd spell.. bowled him. Shah was a gonner.. whattey sight to see someone getting bowled.. Those stumps uprooted from the ground. Phir kya tha.. the beauty (;)) named Pollard removed tail enders quickly and Pateliya took the last wicket.. and we Won .. Mumbai Indians yayyyyyyy !

30,000 odd people screaming and shouting at their loudest.. being inside it didnt felt that it was about 11.45pm, still had the morning wala feel within the stadium.. So with that awesome win and Pollard given Man of the Match.. was the time to hit the roads .. batlling thousands of people ! Took about 15 minutes to be just out from Gate Nos 5.

The Guys decided to got to Bade Miyas for Kebabs.. Me being the Shakahari types.. did not go with them. Mads dropped me home which was like a 5 min drive at that time of night..And thank god I dint..They just managed to catch the train at abt 2am..

Man most memorable match as always.. For records .. what ever matches i have seen live in the stadium, MI has always been on the winning side..

And the Planning to get the tickets for the next matches started again on WhatsApp as soon as we were up the next morning.

A Never Ending Process

With this line I start my blogging journey on WordPress. Had been thinking for quite sometime and ultimately the step has been taken. While making and registering my account.. this topic came to my mind. Before my brain starts to battle out here I go..

A Never Ending Process – Learning.

Making and understanding WordPress was itself a learning process for me.

When I talk about learning.. flashback episodes come to my mind right from when I was a kid till today when I am writing this blogpost.

Its all been a learning phase and shall continue to be.

As a newborn we learnt to recognise our dear ones and learnt to stand and walk all by ourselves.As School to College goers we learnt infinite things that today keep us going.As a corporate professional I learnt how to survive in this mad world.

On other hand.. you never had blogging, twitter, facebook, Social media, etc etc years back , but today everyones going gaga about it is coz they have learnt this art. The new craze that has bit me is keep up to date with latest technologies.. so be it android, iphones, softwares.. yes thats learning

So the point is there have been several learning phases.. some you learnt in school, some in college, some through life.. look around you will find something new to learn.. like I just did today.

Think about it.. what did you learn today..

With this I leave you to rattle your brain and comment what is it that you learnt today ???

If you stop learning .. you stop moving ahead in life

Kuch To Log Kahenge – My New Found Love.

“Kuch To Log Kahege”..More then 3 Months have passed, when i first saw the promo on television(promised a very fresh look) and this title reminded me of the eternal 70’s movie Amar Prem’s ever so classical song titled by the same name. I thought the tune might be a revised one adapted for the show. But i was wrong,

This melted my heart.. The beautiful lyrics and very catchy composition. So the time and date were fixed – 3rd October 2011.

I guess most of people know what this show is all about, if not READ IT HERE(via @idubba)

A person like me, who totally hates watching daily soaps and is always at logger heads with mother for prime time viewing, this was a refreshing change. This show has managed something which i couldn’t achieve all this time was to stop my parents watching that “Tarak Mehta Serial”. The moment i enter house at about 8.30pm, screeching voice of that lady in it used to just irritate me to the core. But Thanks to KTLK, not only Tarak Mehta is forgotten, but i make a point to reach home by 8 , else i catch up with the 11pm repeat telecast.

One thing i can tell you is that the Chemistry between Dr Nidhi and Dr Ashutosh(AshNi – as called on various forums)is just amazing. I mean it gives you goose bumps, that speaking with eyes, those unspoken feeling.. ahh enuff said.All the serials start of fantastically but over the period of time get monotonous and drift away from the topic. Hope KTLK doesnt divert from this theme- the romance between 2 people with different age group and quite opposite mindset. Yes opposites do attract.. without much drama – shama , i wish to see the ultimate end whether this love story succeeds or no.

Now leaving the story in the hands of the creative team, i leave you with an awesome episode, my best till now, where AshNI express love towards each other. HAPPY VIEWING , CATCH KTLK Mon – Fri , 8pm on Sony Entertainment .

Strange kind of Fear (or whatever it is)

Its been exactly 20days since i last posted. The blog-a-day challenge was over and this was enuff for me to show laziness in writing .

Have something interesting..ummm no wouldn’t say that.. but something strange , scary yet funny stuff to share with you.

Every single moment of our life is an expression. It expresses love, anger, affection, fear, hatred, sympathy and many more feelings. If you look behind you will easily be able to correlate a moment with any of these expressions.

FEAR – this is the most awful feelings of all. I don’t know how many of you have felt this but of late in my daily life there have been plentiful of moments when these feelings erupt out of nowhere even though for a fraction of a second. I dont know if i can classify it as Fear. Par Kuch toh hai ..

A few instances that i have gathered (or rather felt)

I am in deep sleep and all of a sudden the telephone rings at odd time like about 4am and heartbeats increase all of a sudden thinking who would call at this time ? any bad news coming.. Finally to your relief it turns out to be a wrong number. Yes this has happened on my landline quite a few times.

While washing face , eyes are tightly closed just to ensure that the soapy water doesn’t get in and the feeling that what if I open my eyes and I will not be able to see anything? I used to get this weird feeling when I was in college. But then you open your eyes and see your near ones and you thank god for giving this vision to you.

This one might sound funny to you, but till date I have this Awww kind of feeling whenever the pressure cooker is on . When the whistle goes..pssrrrrr.. I think it’s directly gonna explode on my face. Hahaha

Another of these awful feeling comes while traveling. These BEST bus drivers are such rash breeds , they skip signals , change lanes , overtake and I feel the bus is just gonna bang with the vehicle aside.

This one is silly. We had gone to Water kingdom and we were chillaxing on those inflatable tubes floating on water, the water might have been deep only till about the knee. A friend of mine came and just turned the tube upside down. Those 10Seconds under water made me feel like I am gonna drown. When I was up, taking in the air it felt as in I had just won a war.. Khikhi

These are some moments which I encounter quite often, may be daily .. after a few seconds of wild Dhak-Dhak within, I give a hearty laugh at the end of it. Haven’t turned into nightmares or reality yet .

So have you felt these lately, what’s your share of it ??

Indian Economy – Worth A Read

I got this article from one of my friend, thought of sharing it here with you all

Here’s a small example:-

Before 12 months 1 US $ = IND Rs 39
After 12 months, now 1 $ = IND Rs 52

Do you think US Economy is booming? No, but Indian Economy is Going Down.

Our economy is in your hands….

Indian economy is in a crisis. Our country like many other ASIAN countries, is undergoing a severe economic crunch. Many Indian industries are closing down. The Indian economy is in a crisis and if we do not take proper steps to control those, we will be in a critical situation.

More than Rs 30,000 Crore of foreign exchange are being siphoned out of our country on products such as cosmetics, snacks, tea, beverages, etc… which are readily grown, produced and available here.(Indian Stuff)

A cold drink that costs only 70 / 80 paise to produce, is sold for Rs.9 to Rs.25 and a major chunk of profits from these are sent abroad. This is a serious drain on Indian economy.

We have nothing against Multinational companies, but to protect our own interests we request everybody to use Indian products only at-least till some extent. With the rise in petrol prices, if we do not do this, the Rupee will devalue further and we will end up paying much more for the same products in the near future.

What you can do about it?
1. Buy only products manufactured by Indian Companies.
2. Enroll as many people as possible for this cause…..

You don’t need to give-up your lifestyle. You just need to choose an alternate product.

All categories of products are available from Indian Companies.


Drink lemon juice, fresh fruit juice, buttermil(sweet or salted), coconu water, jal-jeera, Energee or masala mil from Aarey instead of Coke, Pepse, Limca , Mirinda or Sprite

Use brands like cinthol or other godrej brands, santoor, margo, medimix, evita,etc
instead of lux, lifebuoy, liril, dove, palmolive, camay, etc

use neem, babool, vicco, prudent, dabur instead of colgate, closeup, pepsodent, mentadent, forhans, etc

Use godrej, emami instead of palmolive, old spice or gillette

Use supermax, topaz, etc instead of seven-o-clock, 365, gillette, etc

Use santoor, cinthol, wipro, boroplus instead of ponds, J & J , shower to shower to showert

Use Indiana, AMul, AMulya instead of Anikspray, Milkana, Everyday, Milkmaid.

SHAMPOO , Mobile Connections , Fast Food plenty of stuff to go for.

Every Indian product you buy makes a big difference. It saves INDIA. Let us take a firm decision today.

Buy Indian to be Indian – We are not against foreign products.

We are not anti-multinational. We are trying to save our nation. Every day is a struggle for a real freedom. We achieved our independence after losing many lives.
They died painfully to ensure that we live peacefully. The current trend is very threatening. Multinationals call it globalization of Indian economy. For Indians like you and me, it is re-colonization of India.


Please remember: political freedom is useless without economic independence

Russia, S.Korea, Mexico – the list is very long!! Let us learn from their experience and from our history.

Finally, it’s obvious that you can’t give up all of the items mentioned above. So give up at least one item for the sake of our country!